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Luna the Wolf

luna portFriends, this is Luna, the black wolf from wolf center in Ely.  I took lots of images of her, but not sure why my camera was so attracted to her.  Is it because she is female, because she is black, because she was most active chasing the ravens, or is it the faraway look in her eyes.  She is young (10 months) and still ambitious, I am old and not so ambitious anymore. I envy her energy chasing illusions of wildness, even tho they fly when she approaches.  Not unlike the humans watching her. til Tomorrow MJ


Red Pine Sunset

red pines sundownFriends, the end of a perfect winter day, this red pine grove is halfway home from Crex Meadows and I often see it at sunset.  Spending the day at Crex is a passion even when the summer birds have gone south.  The only birds remaining are natives and those that migrate from the far northern regions.  Currently there are Rough-legged hawks, bald eagles, a harrier, osprey and an occasional red-tailed hawk,  I am chasing otters, timber wolves, white tail deer and other illusive ghosts thru the 30,000 acres of marsh and woodlands that is Crex.  Finding tracks but nothing else so now i have to resort to some sunset images to be able to show you the wonders of Crex. til Tomorrow MJ

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