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Red Tail Hawk is Closeby

redtail hawk

Dear Friends, this Red tailed Hawk is only three hours south of us in Red Wing Minnesota, winter is still here, minus 22 this morning but may get above zero today, bright sunshine so good light for photography, i will go scouting this afternoon for some good subjects for the golden hour, also good to go for a sunny drive thru Crex, may see my friend Agogo over there, til Tomorrow MJ

Run Mouse Run

redtail chaseFriends, I think this is what a mouse sees just before the red tailed hawk grabs him.  I am going thru my images of last summer and editing for a book on Hawk Ridge Migration and this image of a red-tail hawk spoke to me, it speaks of wildness and freedom.  Minutes after the educator had shown the audience his tail, this bird was released back into the wild.  Hope you like him. til Tomorrow MJ


Red tail over the Ridge

mature redtail tail feathers

Friends, went to my photo club meeting last night and each month we vote on our favorite photo for the month.  The theme was wild outdoors, and my redtailed hawk won for the month of January.  That means that it will be published in the local paper.  This redtail was released from Hawk Ridge in October and she had lost two tail feathers that are regrowing.  This image was captured as she rose and turned her back on me, then flew back across the ridge.  Maybe I have used this image in a previous post, but it bears another look, til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Delicate

redtail secondary covertsFriends, these feathers look very delicate but for a hawk they are necessary attire.  This is the top of the wing of a redtailed hawk as seen at Hawk Ridge this fall, I am studying feathers and the molts.  There is a lot to learn but a research project keeps me entertained on a cold windy and rainy day.  The rain is melting all our snow and we are likely to have ice for Christmas instead of snow.  til Tomorrow MJ


Red Pine Sunset

red pines sundownFriends, the end of a perfect winter day, this red pine grove is halfway home from Crex Meadows and I often see it at sunset.  Spending the day at Crex is a passion even when the summer birds have gone south.  The only birds remaining are natives and those that migrate from the far northern regions.  Currently there are Rough-legged hawks, bald eagles, a harrier, osprey and an occasional red-tailed hawk,  I am chasing otters, timber wolves, white tail deer and other illusive ghosts thru the 30,000 acres of marsh and woodlands that is Crex.  Finding tracks but nothing else so now i have to resort to some sunset images to be able to show you the wonders of Crex. til Tomorrow MJ

Notched tail- Redtail

Friends, this is a red tail from a large female Redtailed Hawk.  While examining her in hand, she had two missing feathers on the left side of her tail, and two new feathers are growing back.  These new feathers are a little fresher looking than the other older feathers.  A weathered veteran of the wilderness wars, this image demonstrates that hawks are also in peril and often are the hunted ones as well as being the hunter.  Below is an image of her release back, the shorter feathers were not slowing her flight back to the wildness. An account of two eagles pursuing a redtail is included in this link: redtail pursued by golden eagles

Red tail Details

Friends, this redtailed hawk is leaving with his new bracelet on his leg.  Those talons are pretty fierce hunting weapons and the image below shows a closeup of these sharp tools that keep him supplied with food.  You can see the dark patch on the wing rib and his dark belly band that mark him  as a redtail hawk. til Tomorrow MJ

Jim’s Hawk

Patience is its own reward

Friends, this immature redtailed Hawk is eyeing me, he wants to be sure that i stay in my vehicle blind and don’t come any closer to his tree.  I am often asked how i get so close to the birds and i answer that staying in your vehicle is the key.  Sitting quietly in your vehicle in a place where the birds are usually present will increase your chances of getting close.  Of course this takes loads of patience so be prepared to spend a few minutes watching the landscape and quieting your soul; you may get more rewards than patience itself.  My husband liked this image this morning, so I dedicate this blog to him.  This hawk is probably headed south at this time, but I have the photo to remember him til he returns in the spring.  til Tomorrow MJ

Angry Redtail

Friends, this Red tailed Hawk is not a happy camper.  Her hackles are raised on the back of her head and her mouth is open, both signs of a bird who is not happy.  As she was stroked by the educator she became quiet and her hackles went back to normal.  She is a beautiful mature female buteo and minutes after this photo was taken , she was released back to the wild thermals above Hawk Ridge.  I am running out of Hawk images, so I need to return to Crex or go back to Hawk Ridge. Hmmmm, such a lovely decision, til Tomorrow MJ

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