Patience is its own reward

Friends, this immature redtailed Hawk is eyeing me, he wants to be sure that i stay in my vehicle blind and don’t come any closer to his tree.  I am often asked how i get so close to the birds and i answer that staying in your vehicle is the key.  Sitting quietly in your vehicle in a place where the birds are usually present will increase your chances of getting close.  Of course this takes loads of patience so be prepared to spend a few minutes watching the landscape and quieting your soul; you may get more rewards than patience itself.  My husband liked this image this morning, so I dedicate this blog to him.  This hawk is probably headed south at this time, but I have the photo to remember him til he returns in the spring.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. that is a wonderful photo. unfortunately for me, the birding places around here are foot traffic only..

  2. Another great shot!

  3. You are so right, MJ. I do all of my birding and bird photography from my car. Great photo. 🙂

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