Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreign

Friends, These birds are sometimes foreign to Wisconsin having migrated from the far North.  We are Florida to these rough-legged Hawks.  I am putting together a book of the hawks that i have photographed from Hawk Ridge this fall during the migration. One specie is being difficult to get a photo, although a few have gone over the ridge, I have not been there when a Rough-Legged Hawk has been in hand.  This Roughie was photographed by me in Crex during a recent irruption year, maybe it will be my only photograph.  They get their name from the beautiful feathering on their legs that protects them from ice, snow and other hazards of the very far northland.    I have three days left to photo this bird, maybe I will get lucky.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. gorgeous capture…good luck with the photos

  2. This is a beautiful hawk! Great photograph.

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