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Patience is its own reward

Friends, this immature redtailed Hawk is eyeing me, he wants to be sure that i stay in my vehicle blind and don’t come any closer to his tree.  I am often asked how i get so close to the birds and i answer that staying in your vehicle is the key.  Sitting quietly in your vehicle in a place where the birds are usually present will increase your chances of getting close.  Of course this takes loads of patience so be prepared to spend a few minutes watching the landscape and quieting your soul; you may get more rewards than patience itself.  My husband liked this image this morning, so I dedicate this blog to him.  This hawk is probably headed south at this time, but I have the photo to remember him til he returns in the spring.  til Tomorrow MJ

Redtail Release

Friends, after receiving a band on his leg, this wild red tailed hawk was released from the cliff above me at Hawk Ridge. Now my flying practice is starting to produce results.  My heart did a thumpy thump when he looked down at me or maybe it was the short hike downhill to get below the release site.   He then pumped his magnificent wings and flew away over  Lake Superior, this is the upstroke of his wing and below is an image of the down stroke. Enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Free Spirit

Friends, this red-tailed hawk posed for a short moment on his evening journey, i took a few quick shots and away he went on silent white wings back into the dark of the forest.  A free spirit of the northland with sharp yellow eyes to see into the soul and inspire my spirit.  Need to keep photographing and seeing what is there. The fall is coming and my inspiration is fading like the leaves. I am fighting back but feel that i am losing the battle, til Tomorrow MJ


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