Notched tail- Redtail

Friends, this is a red tail from a large female Redtailed Hawk.  While examining her in hand, she had two missing feathers on the left side of her tail, and two new feathers are growing back.  These new feathers are a little fresher looking than the other older feathers.  A weathered veteran of the wilderness wars, this image demonstrates that hawks are also in peril and often are the hunted ones as well as being the hunter.  Below is an image of her release back, the shorter feathers were not slowing her flight back to the wildness. An account of two eagles pursuing a redtail is included in this link: redtail pursued by golden eagles

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  1. the tail is exquisite, but the whole bird taking off, wings sweeping in wide arcs with those delicate tips spread, just incredible!!

  2. Nice shot! She is a Beautiful bird! 🙂

  3. Let’s not even start on counting all that I am missing……love it, great detail…….en theos……..jim

  4. she is a beauty in spite of her lost feathers..

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