Red tail over the Ridge

mature redtail tail feathers

Friends, went to my photo club meeting last night and each month we vote on our favorite photo for the month.  The theme was wild outdoors, and my redtailed hawk won for the month of January.  That means that it will be published in the local paper.  This redtail was released from Hawk Ridge in October and she had lost two tail feathers that are regrowing.  This image was captured as she rose and turned her back on me, then flew back across the ridge.  Maybe I have used this image in a previous post, but it bears another look, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I heartily endorse that decision. Great shot.

  2. well deserved win mj, a masterful photo!

  3. Gorgeous picture. Captures the majesty of the raptors.

  4. I love the position of her wings in this photo..

  5. Great photograph!

  6. Great shot, captures so much energy and character

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