Weekly Photo Challenge:Delicate

redtail secondary covertsFriends, these feathers look very delicate but for a hawk they are necessary attire.  This is the top of the wing of a redtailed hawk as seen at Hawk Ridge this fall, I am studying feathers and the molts.  There is a lot to learn but a research project keeps me entertained on a cold windy and rainy day.  The rain is melting all our snow and we are likely to have ice for Christmas instead of snow.  til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. Very interesting pastime- sure beats embroidery I suppose.

  2. feathers have always been admired, so delicate …. hard to reconcile that they evolved from scales …. a beautiful photo marge )

  3. it’s the intincacy of these patterns in nature which make our world so beautiful – thanks for illustrating that which most of us miss

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