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Lack of Grass, No

blue skies two girlsFriends, i know that these badlands look pretty stark and void of vegetation, but on the flat prairie, the grass grows green and lush in the spring when there is plenty of rain.  These pronghorn girls are hanging out together and grazing in the rich areas.  The boys are separate and in their own bachelor bunches.  til Tomorrow MJ



pronghornFriends, this handsome fellow is an American Antelope or Pronghorn. The large pronged horns in front of his ears indicate that he is a male  and is alert to all challengers. This particular animal was with a smaller buck and the two of them are in the image below.  til Tomorrow MJ

two bucks

Pronghorn on Prairie Dog Town

Friends, this male Pronghorn is taking a short cut thru prairie dog town, no brush, green grass, and a flat ground makes for easy strolling. We are enjoying wonderful weather, sunny skies and great clouds.  The badlands are beckoning, so off we go again today.  Found some wildflowers so time to go nose to nose with the blooms. til Tomorrow MJ


Friends, this is a male pronghorn from the badlands.  They get their name from the horn grown by males that is forked with a hook-like branch. They do not grow antlers like the deer and elk, but grow a horn that is partially shed each year.  They can run 60 MPH and rely on their speed and agility to survive out on the open grasslands. til Tomorrow MJ

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