Frosty Wolf

wolf portraitFriends, last winter we visited a wolf sanctuary and i captured this timber wolf in a very peaceful pose.  It is the right time to visit again when it warms a little, was -28 degrees F this morning, He was lying on the snow with his feet tucked up but the eyes are ready to run or attack as the situation dictates.  Flight or fight. til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. Great capture MJ.

    Huskies are like wolfs in their ability to just curl up on the snow and stay warm. A friend of mine had two huskies and thought, with winter coming on, he would build them a nice dog house. He finished just prior to a cold snap. The next morning it was a -20 and both dogs were curled up on the doghouse roof.

  2. A beautiful animal in every regard! Great shot! Thanks much for posting this! Btw, what wolf sanctuary did you visit?

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