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Frosty Wolf

wolf portraitFriends, last winter we visited a wolf sanctuary and i captured this timber wolf in a very peaceful pose.  It is the right time to visit again when it warms a little, was -28 degrees F this morning, He was lying on the snow with his feet tucked up but the eyes are ready to run or attack as the situation dictates.  Flight or fight. til Tomorrow MJ


Denali-Gray Wolf

denali wolf iwcFriends, this male timber wolf is in the enclosure at the International Wolf Center in Ely Minnesota.  His name is Denali and he is five years old this spring.  While he is a captive animal I think that the pose and eyes still reveal a wildness that resonates in my soul.  I am basically a wild human at heart.  til Tomorrow MJ


Timber Wolf-Luna

luna IWCFriends, this female timber wolf or gray wolf is Luna, from the International Wolf Center exhibit group.  She is the only female with three male animals in the enclosure.  Spectators can view through huge glass windows and stay warm inside when temperatures outside are below zero F.  She is very dark colored and representative of 3-5 % of gray wolf population who are black or nearly black.  Her dark color soaks up the sun and she sleeps soundly in the sunshine.  til Tomorrow MJ


Quiet Time


Friends, this wolf is taking a nap on the snow, his coat is very thick and protects him from the cold.  He may look sleepy but his yellow eyes followed our every move. We have timber wolves in Crex Meadows but we rarely see them, they prefer the cover of darkness to hunt deer and teach their young how to hunt.  At night, we hear the howling at our house, the wolf pack that stalks the Clam River sometimes passes our place closely.  When we visited these wolves at The Wildlife Science Center, the chorus of howling was probably the only wildness left in these captive animals, but they sang of green forests and bogs where their relatives still roam free.  til Tomorrow MJ

Testing the Wind

testing the wind

Friends, this wolf is testing the wind, trying to detect whether us humans are well-intentioned.  Humans to these wolves are the bearers of food and so they cannot be allowed to run again in the wild.  I think the yellow eyes still speak of wild places and lifestyle, I empathize.  More wolves tomorrow, til Tomorrow MJ

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