Prairie Dog Love

Friends, this morning is about prairie dogs, especially why there are so many in the North Dakota Badlands, Love ! Prairie Dog Love starts with a simple hug and a kiss.prairie dog kiss

Leads to large litters of 4-6 little onessix little ones

Then lots of work, feeding and taking care of little ones leaves the adults all tuckered out in the late afternoon.

prairie dog home
mimicingtunckered out

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  1. Be still my 💜! Adorable. Margie

  2. they are so sweet, what a job!

  3. Delightful photographs. Wonder why they’re called prairie-dogs?

  4. Prairie dog love, I love it. They are indeed cute.

  5. I always imagined these animals to look more like dogs. A pleasant surprise 🙂

  6. Gosh! They are so cute!

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