Pentstemon-blue or pink

Friends, this tiny bloom of the badlands can’t decide whether it wants to be pink or blue, so when it first opens it is a mixture of these two colors.   When the bloom has been open for a few hours in the spring sunshine, it is bright blue.  The fifth stamen (pentstemon) is orange, densely- covered with hairs and this flower is often called a beard tongue.  The red lines on the lower lip of the bloom is thought to guide pollinating insects inside to the treasures within.  I am experimenting with high key images (over bright) to convey the spring sunshine effect with this macro shot.  I like this effect, how about you? til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. such a striking photo, surely a competition winner! the blom is lovely and i really appreciated your description to help me look more intelligently, thank you mj 😀

  2. Reblogged this on Xenonlit's Blog and commented:
    MJ Springett takes very special photos! A must-see blog!

  3. Your photos are increible. I love your sensitivity to light and color.

  4. Diggin’ the high key, looks like a pretty interesting little flower!

  5. Very nice! I like the extra light!

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