Birth of a Pine Cone

Friends, this is a macro image of a young pine cone among the needles of a white pine tree and encased in ice.  As this preparation thawed, smaller bubbles appeared, not sure why that happened. but i like the detail in the small cone forming and you can start to see the scales forming on the surface.  White pines have both female and male cones, but I am not sure how to differentiate them especially when they are very young.  If you look closely at the needles, you can see the white lines on the needles and on White Pines the white lines are present on two sides of a three-sided needle.Can you see them, i can. til Tomorrow MJ

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Nature Photographer, searching for questions and answers

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  1. WOW… I had not idea of what it was until you described it

  2. wow, i am so surprised by what you see and photograph!

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