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Christmas Redpoll

christmas bird

Dear Friends, this Redpoll has come to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, he was in the Sax Zim bog the day after a snowstorm, so Merry Merry and see you in the New year, tilTomorrow MJ

Mr Winter Jay

winter jay

Dear Friends, busy time of year and the birds ware busy eating all our suet, this blue jay was very close and i loved the background colors. so til Tomorrow MJ

Fall Sunset

sunset cranes22

Dear Friends, with my feet up and sitting in my lawn chair, watching the sunset and the cranes come into the roost sight, does life get better than this??  In the fall watching the cranes is my idea of perfect, however, it could be a little warmer.  Tomorrow a big snow storm, so enjoy the heat while you can, til Tomorrow MJ

Color Pink

cyclmen1Friends, this is not outside, but in the indoors at Como Park in St Paul, every spring (or late winter) my color meter gets empty and i need to get it filled.  The Conservatory at Como is a delightful place year round, flowers blooming in great profusion.  This cyclamen still had the morning watering clinging to it, so i got in close to do a macro.  hope you like it til Tomorrow MJ



blue balance3Friends, having a meltdown as our snow was starting to recede, but this morning we had 8 inches of fresh snow.  Between snow, cold and a non-functioning vehicle, i am very tired of this winter and anxious for it to be over.  On a recent trip to Lake Superior shores, ii found this ice chunk speaking of balance.  Balancing emotions like this ice chunk resting on a bigger ice chunk reminds me to trust in something bigger than myself, so today i am again back to the blogging.  til Tomorrow MJ


Waiting for Spring

snow house kestrelFriends, this image says winter and waiting for it to be over, the return of the bird to its house would definitely say spring, but first we have to melt these gigantic drifts.  This was found in the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, a vast wilderness that only contains snowmobilers and rugged photographers in the winter.  Good thing we have four=wheel drive on the pickup, almost got stuck on a trail that had not been plowed very well, so if you go, watch the width of the road, if it narrows too much it has probably turned into a trail, not a road.  til Tomorrow MJ


A Hole in the Clouds

hole in the cloudFriends, on a recent cloudy day i ventured to enter Crex Meadows, no light but when i reached this point, suddenly the sky opened to reveal this lonely oak tree, so I took out the camera and took his picture, he said thank you and i was on my way, too much snow is making me talk to inanimate objects, but thank you lonely oak, til Tomorrow MJ

Snow Wave

snow waveFriends, well back to winter this morning, the wind makes beautiful snow waves and on a sunny morning they truly sparkle , enjoy your morning, til Tomorrow MJ


Watercolor morning

snow owl water finalFriends, been watercoloring this morning with my computer, always hated the way Photoshop did watercolors, was not realistic, but the ipad has a new app called “waterlogue” that is wonderful for doing watercolor from a photo, thanks to my friend agogo, the winter now does not seem so dreary, thanks kathy til Tomorrow MJ


More ICE (sigh)

icecilesFriends, I think that more ice is rather depressing, but that is what is out there at this season, I have been hunting the Snowy Owl that has been hanging out in Crex, but with no success.  I am bummed. til Tomorrow MJ


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