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Lake Superior Icicles


Friends, last year the ice formations at Stoney Point were spectacular and these icicles formed at the bottom of every rock outcropping.  I like the contrast between the ice and rocks, need to hit the lake today and see what new treasures appear on the lake shore, til Tomorrow MJicicles lake superior

A Full Moon to Remember

eagle on the moonFriends, night of the full moon, Jan 15 2013, yes this is a composite image, but couldn’t resist showing it on this blog, the eagle was at Hawk Ridge, and the full moon from above our house last January.  Sometimes Photoshop is an artist’s best friend, do you mind??, til Tomorrow MJ



snowFriends, while hunting for the Snowy Owl at Crex, all we have found lately has been vertical clumps of snow hanging in the trees.  This clump was especially interesting from a distance, but when we got closer, we were royally fooled.  Oh well still looking. til Tomorrow MJ


Oak Leaf

oak leafFriends, this oak leaf has finally fallen from the tree and is slowly sinking into the snow.  I think that this leaf expresses my view of the world today, for i have my holiday cold and my head hurts.  Hope you are all well and not like my new computer, it fried its hard drive so i am limping along on my old computer.  It should be fixed today, if not then Monday, ( hear Screaming), til Tomorrow MJ


Frosty Wolf

wolf portraitFriends, last winter we visited a wolf sanctuary and i captured this timber wolf in a very peaceful pose.  It is the right time to visit again when it warms a little, was -28 degrees F this morning, He was lying on the snow with his feet tucked up but the eyes are ready to run or attack as the situation dictates.  Flight or fight. til Tomorrow MJ


Frosty Morning

frosty weedFriends, yesterday we had a little warm-up to 29 degrees F above zero, so Jim and I and the dog went for a stroll in Crex Meadows.  Every little detail was covered with hoar frost and I was able to shoot without gloves. What a treat to see the top of tiny trees painted with white, I love the bokeh background in this shot, we did not see the Snowy Owl but heard it was still in the area, maybe we will return today and search for her. til Tomorrow MJ


Snowy Owl in the Snow storm

snowy with colorFriends, today we found a Snowy Owl in Crex Meadows.We haven’t seen one of these in Crex since 2005.  This shot is really an extreme crop and a big stretch for my telephoto lens, but we were thrilled to see this owl even at a distance. This was a remeinder for me to get back to work after a short hiatus at Thanksgiving. til Tomorrow MJ



eagle matureFriends, this mature bald eagle is enjoying the day perched in a birch tree.  There were four eagles in this spot, guarding a road kill that was ripe for scavenging.  The snow is getting much deeper today and we have had about 12 inches in this storm so far, hope it stops soon.  Til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Change

cranes showFriends, change is in the air, the Sandhill Cranes are returning to the northland, the sky is not very blue yet, but the ice and snow are slowly leaving the meadows of Crex.  I am more than ready for the warmth of spring, cause over the weekend we got another 2-3 inches of heavy wet snow.  Today it is dripping off the eaves, so maybe we won’t have to snowblow this stuff off the driveway.  We both have vehicles designed for maximum traction, so driving is not a problem, but walking is big problem.  til Tomorrow MJ


Tiger Eyes

tiger faceFriends, at Como Park there is a zoo,  the cat yard is my favorite place because no fences between you and the cats, you are on a walkway above them and this allows some great photo ops, it was raining slightly so this tiger was wet and looking for her food, they were getting ready to feed the big cats, she went inside while the keeper straightened up the yard and put away the tiger toys, then they threw a piece of meat up on a very large rock, it started to rain more heavily so I left before the drama was completed, til Tomorrow MJ

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