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Oak Leaf

oak leafFriends, this oak leaf has finally fallen from the tree and is slowly sinking into the snow.  I think that this leaf expresses my view of the world today, for i have my holiday cold and my head hurts.  Hope you are all well and not like my new computer, it fried its hard drive so i am limping along on my old computer.  It should be fixed today, if not then Monday, ( hear Screaming), til Tomorrow MJ


Tetraptych-watching snow melt

Friends, my father was easily bored after a winter of under-snowing, in other words, a winter that did not produce enough snow to ski, but too much snow to go play golf.  This winter was such a winter.  I remember him looking out the picture window and proclaiming that the season was “as exciting as watching snow melt”.  So i made this time-lapse sequence of snow melting on an oak leaf.  Since i do not want to upgrade my account to show you the video, I made this panel of four images (tetraptych) to show you the exciting winter up north.  til Tomorrow MJ

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