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Kestrel 2013

kestrel 2013

Friends, this pretty bird of prey was photoed at Hawk Ridge this fall as the migration proceeded down south.  Her wing color says she is female and is an American Kestrel, the smallest of the falcons.  She was captured, banded, held in hand for educating the public and turned back into the wild.  so til Tomorrow MJ

The Smallest Falcon

Friends, this tiny hawk is an American Kestrel found in Crex Meadows.  The educators on Hawk Ridge have taught me that this is a male due to the blue outer wing.  Females have a red-brown feathering extending from the back out across the wing backs.  They are a small member of the falcon family, related to the Merlin and the Peregrine Falcon. When hunting, they will often hover (wings flapping while staying in one place) or kite (wings steady while staying in one place) over a hayfield or other open area.  I think this boy was hunting me.  til Tomorrow MJ

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