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Waiting for the Warblers

Dear Friends, waiting for warblers to arrive in our northland, this is a palm warbler taken a few years ago, til Tomorrow MJ

Mad Birdie

_MG_5288yellow rump

Friends, the expression on this yellow-rumped warbler appears as though he is mad.  I think it is the white eyebrows, but loved the feather details so excuse the extreme crop.  He was only a few feet away but he is a very small birdie.  A disclaimer, this was shot last spring with my old lens 100-400 mm Canon so I am comparing these results with the new telephoto 150-600 mm, I like the new lens better. til Tomorrow MJ

Female Cape May Warbler

cape may female 2 female cape may

Friends, this warbler is a female Cape May warbler, she has a paler cheek patch than her male buddy and is lighter all over.  She posed and preened on this branch for about 30 seconds and i was able to capture her likeness in a series of shots.I love the yellow collar that is like the male bird seen in a previous post. til Tomorrow MJ

Common Yellow Throat Warbler

yellow throat redo

Friends, this is a very tiny warbler not often seen, because he hangs out in the bottom of the cattails and sedges.  He has a mask that reminds me of the Lone Ranger, who was my favorite cowboy back in the day.  So meet the Common Yellow-throat warbler , the masked birdie of the marshes in Crex Meadows. til Tomorrow MJ

Cape May Warbler

Cape May Warbler male

Friends, this bird was found on a colder day and he was fluffed up to keep warm, today was 85 degrees F so birdies are not fluffed up today.  This is a male Cape May Warbler and i love his feathering. Below is a frontal view of his streaked chest. til Tomorrow MJcape may warbler

Nashville Warbler

Nashville Warbler

Friends, sorry for the lousy background but this was the only decent shot of this Nashville Warbler as it passed through Crex Meadows this week, now the mosquitos have hatched making a photographer’s life unbearable.  But a great picture is worth all the suffering, so think of me sitting in the marshlands waiting for nature to reveal herself to me.     til Tomorrow MJ

Tennessee Warbler

Tennessee Warbler

Friends, this friendly Tennessee Warbler is looking right at me, but being a brave bird, he let me take his picture before he flitted off into the brush.  I like that the green leaves are popping showing that it is finally spring here in the northland. til Tomorrow MJ

Yellow Warbler

yellow warbler lunch

Friends, this Yellow Warbler has a beak full of flying insects for his lunch.  I think that they provide a great service by removing some of our insect population.  I can’t imagine how many insects there might be without our warbler invasion every spring. til Tomorrow MJ

Yellow Rumps

yellow rump2 crossFriends, this Yellow Rumped Warbler (below) is busy hunting insects along Phantom Lake in Crex Meadows.  She is showing off her id feature, the yellow rump. The above image is probably a male, with his head stripe of yellow and yellow shoulders.  Spring is truly here and it is raining again today (sigh) til Tomorrow MJ0505mjs

Yellow warbler

yellow warbler2Friends, this tiny yellow warbler has returned to Crex. He was so hungry that he did not notice me creeping closer to him, he just kept pecking and snapping up tiny insects to fill his crop.  After his long migratory flight, he was very hungry.  still on the road in South Dakota, til Tomorrow MJ


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