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Willow Warbler

palm warbler1Friends, this tiny warbler is a palm warbler and he is an old bird on my life bird list, in the past all the images that i tried to get of this bird was blurred cause they are so quick , but this day he sat quietly in the willows and i was able to capture this quiet moment, I liked how the backlit pussy willows framed him, we are on the road to the badlands til Tomorrow MJ

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Friends, this handsome fellow is an early spring visitor, the yellow-rumped warbler. We haven’t seen them yet but i think they are probably on the doorstep. ¬†When they arrive in Crex Meadows, they cruise the edge of the lakes and eat the mosquitos as they hatch. They will also eat berries and fruit, but prefer the insects. til Tomorrow MJ

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