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Female Cape May Warbler

cape may female 2 female cape may

Friends, this warbler is a female Cape May warbler, she has a paler cheek patch than her male buddy and is lighter all over.  She posed and preened on this branch for about 30 seconds and i was able to capture her likeness in a series of shots.I love the yellow collar that is like the male bird seen in a previous post. til Tomorrow MJ

Whitetail water wading

Friends, this female whitetail deer is eating fresh salad in the marsh, she is also trying to escape the relentless biting flies of the northland summer.She didn’t seem to mind that i was observing and taking her photo, too busy chowing down on fresh food.  She is probably a young female because there was no fawn following her, this time of year we start to see the youngsters following their mothers everywhere.  til Tomorrow MJ

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