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Yellow Warbler

yellow warbler lunch

Friends, this Yellow Warbler has a beak full of flying insects for his lunch.  I think that they provide a great service by removing some of our insect population.  I can’t imagine how many insects there might be without our warbler invasion every spring. til Tomorrow MJ

Yellow warbler

yellow warbler2Friends, this tiny yellow warbler has returned to Crex. He was so hungry that he did not notice me creeping closer to him, he just kept pecking and snapping up tiny insects to fill his crop.  After his long migratory flight, he was very hungry.  still on the road in South Dakota, til Tomorrow MJ


Little Yellow Warbler

Friends, this little bird is a yellow warbler and hangs out in the willow bushes in Crex.  I was photographing the various butterflies, bees, dragonflies and hummingbirds that were pollinating the blue flag iris, when two of these little curious birds peeked out of the bushes to see what was up.  Their songs are delicious and i enjoyed a serenade while i worked. They went back to chasing insects in the willow leaves. til Tomorrow MJ

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