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Lake Superior Icicles


Friends, last year the ice formations at Stoney Point were spectacular and these icicles formed at the bottom of every rock outcropping.  I like the contrast between the ice and rocks, need to hit the lake today and see what new treasures appear on the lake shore, til Tomorrow MJicicles lake superior

Over the River….

over the riverFriends, on this Thanksgiving eve i am thinking of the old song, Over the river and through the woods to Grandmas house we go.  This is not a river but Amity Creek that runs off Hawk Ridge into Lake Superior.  We traveled over the plains and thru the hills to get to my grandmas house in the badlands of North Dakota.   This time of year I remember being a child and being loved by parents and grandparents but kind of missing the Thankful part, now I am an adult and I realize how Thankful i am for the blessings of family and friends, so Happy Thanksgiving everyone, til Tomorrow MJ

Seven Bridges Road


Walking on Seven Bridges Road below Hawk Ridge in Duluth Mn.amity falls

Fall Storm

lighthouse storm2Friends, the Split Rock Lighthouse again, this time emphasizing the warm fall foliage at the shoreline.  I also liked the yellow lichen on the rocks in the foreground.  I am a great fan of lichen. This storm was an official gale warning and early in the season, as the gales of November are famous on Lake Superior  til Tomorrow MJ


Two Sides of Split Rock

lighthouse storm split rock stormFriends, the lighthouse on Split Rock is a very famous landmark of northern Minnesota.  Yesterday a storm blew 30-40 mph winds across Lake Superior, at times I could barely stand against this force.  But the wind did stir some magnificent waves and without the sun, the lake was very green.  The first image is from the south, and the second from the north, you can just see the top of the lighthouse peeking thru the trees.  The waves were crashing almost as high as the cliff.  Today the storm has passed into a peaceful rain.  til Tomorrow MJ


Cooper Blur

cooper flight33Friends, this Cooper’s Hawk is still protesting his capture and banding, or maybe the loss of a feather, floating in the lower middle of this image.  Hawk Ridge is an exciting place to be in the fall, lots of birds migrating and some are caught, banded, adopted and released back into the wild blue yonder. But I have a question, is this a pleasing blur?? til Tomorrow MJ


Red Shoes

merganser chickFriends,  I often see Common Merganser females in Lake Superior, but have not noticed their pretty red shoes.  This one was resting on the banks of the Yellow River just a few miles north of our home.  Enjoy, til Tomorrow MJ


Hawk Eye

sharpshinned hawk hyFriends, this sharp-shinned hawk is looking for prey as he cruises above. Actually this image is the result of a little Photoshop magic.  His bright yellow  eyes tell us that he was a baby this spring and is a hatch year bird.  When he is grown, his eye color will shift to orange and then to red.  His beautiful chocolate coloring will shift to gray, oooo I could use some chocolate for breakfast, til Tomorrow MJ


The Smallest Falcon

kestrel peekFriends, this amazing little bird is our smallest falcon, the Kestrel.  This female was captured and banded at Hawk Ridge, then released back into the wild on a windy cloudy day.  til Tomorrow MJ


Superior Blue

superior blueFriends, Lake Superior with the fog rolling out in the morning.  Walking on the breakwater wall I like the little rocky spit sticking out into the water.  Kind of a telephoto abstract, do you like this lack of content??, not sure that i do til Tomorrow MJ


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