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Strange Blossoms

gentianFriends, hopping around the tall grass prairie remnant in Iowa last week, we found bottle gentian in a beautiful shade of blue. I photographed from several different angles but liked this one the best because it includes the leaves.  These are not buds but are blossoms that are closed on top, Is the grass behind, distracting? til Tomorrow MJ


Superior Blue

superior blueFriends, Lake Superior with the fog rolling out in the morning.  Walking on the breakwater wall I like the little rocky spit sticking out into the water.  Kind of a telephoto abstract, do you like this lack of content??, not sure that i do til Tomorrow MJ


Blue as in Flowers

blueFriends, my personal theme today is blue, as in tiny blue flowers, these penstemon grow right out of red rock and are a challenge for a photographer with bad knees, til Tomorrow MJ


Blue Flowers

bluebells larkspurFriends, some blue flowers from the Black Hills of South Dakota. these blue bells also grow in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  They are universal, do they grow where you are? the purple flower is larkspur?? found it along French Creek  til Tomorrow MJ

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