Two Sides of Split Rock

lighthouse storm split rock stormFriends, the lighthouse on Split Rock is a very famous landmark of northern Minnesota.  Yesterday a storm blew 30-40 mph winds across Lake Superior, at times I could barely stand against this force.  But the wind did stir some magnificent waves and without the sun, the lake was very green.  The first image is from the south, and the second from the north, you can just see the top of the lighthouse peeking thru the trees.  The waves were crashing almost as high as the cliff.  Today the storm has passed into a peaceful rain.  til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. The darker sky is spot on for drama. I could not find a way to say if the light were darker in the other shot you took, without it sounding like a criticism, which it is not. I do believe if Charlotte were alive and still writing, this would be the cover to at least one of her books 🙂

  2. Great wave action. The dark skies add to the drama of the scene. Nice shots.

  3. What a mighty scene – thanks.

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