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Snow Geese

Dear Friends, the images below are a natural history lesson.  The Snow goose on the left is the white morph and the right image shows a blue morph of the same specie of goose.  A few of these snow geese were mixed into a large flock of Canadian geese at the airport in Superior.  We sneaked across the grass to get close and i think we got close enough, til Tomorrow MJ
snow goose white morph

snow goose3

Warm fuzzies

Friends, these little fuzz balls are a sure sign that spring has arrived in Northern Wisconsin.  Over this last weekend, we observed at least ten new families of Canadian geese.  You can see the adult feathers above and below these goslings in a protective stance against photographers who are curious and bent on taking their picture.  They certainly gain a high rating of cute and cuddly. til Tomorrow MJ

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