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Dancing in the waves


Dear Friends, this immature seagull is dancing in the waves of Lake Superior.  I think he is a ring billed gull and he was hunting food in the waves.  so dance while you still can and celebrate the life you have been given til Tomorrow MJgull in wave

Lake Superior Gull

seagullFriends, this seagull is standing on a cement wall over Lake Superior and I liked the image and so will share the original and the altered image in an animated gif.  I used a mask to limit my changes to the bird only so I didn’t sharpen the background and make it more noisy.  Experimenting with photoshop so I can make adjustments faster and more decisively.  Looking at the altered image I may have overdone the feather detail of the belly, but i like what i did with the chest and head.  Maybe a 50% mask of the lower part of the bird would help. Hmmmmm. So the image below is a 50% mask on the lower belly feathers so those feathers don’t look like they were combed through.   til Tomorrow MJ

final seagull

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