Lake Superior Gull

seagullFriends, this seagull is standing on a cement wall over Lake Superior and I liked the image and so will share the original and the altered image in an animated gif.  I used a mask to limit my changes to the bird only so I didn’t sharpen the background and make it more noisy.  Experimenting with photoshop so I can make adjustments faster and more decisively.  Looking at the altered image I may have overdone the feather detail of the belly, but i like what i did with the chest and head.  Maybe a 50% mask of the lower part of the bird would help. Hmmmmm. So the image below is a 50% mask on the lower belly feathers so those feathers don’t look like they were combed through.   til Tomorrow MJ

final seagull

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  1. So cool how you show us how you alter! Margie

  2. Very nice! I am amazed. Just got PS, and desperately need lessons.

  3. Beautiful gull !

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