Multiple exposure bursts

number two in seriesFriends, today we will address shooting machine gun style at birds.  That is shooting in multiple exposure bursts.  When I shot film I developed a habit of shooting triples of every image because my mirror slapping up and down would cause some vibration and that would record on the film as a slight blur.  Now with digital captures, I can shoot multiple images without the expense of wasted film on the first and third image in the series.  Now when I have a suitable subject I still shoot multiple images in a burst mode and I have a camera that will shoot six-seven images/second with a single push of the shutter.  I can shoot 15-20 images before releasing the shutter.  The reason for this is illustrated by these two shots of a peregrine falcon.  The top image was the second image in a series of six and while the bird is curious, his head angle reflects too much sky and he looks kind of scary.  The bottom image is the sixth in the same series and shows the bird stretching out a little to check me out and his eye is brown like it should be, a much more relaxed bird. So lean on the shutter button and see what you get.  til Tomorrow MJ

number six in series

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  1. ok, i get it, will try, thanks mj!

  2. I didn’t notice the difference in the eye until I’ve read the text… i have to find this option on my camera. thanks 🙂

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