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Badlands Boogey Man

3coyote face

Friends, this happy boy is hunting prairie dogs, lots of them available  and the babies are not very bright, if they don’t listen to their mama, the coyote will get them, the badlands equivalent of the boogeyman, so mind your mama and stay out of harm’s way today til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Extra Extra

curious calf

Friends, this Bison calf has stirred up a cowbird in the green green grasses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.  The badlands have received lots of rain this year and the park is very green.  Good for Bison, birds and other wildlife that live here  til Tomorrow MJ

Watercolor morning

snow owl water finalFriends, been watercoloring this morning with my computer, always hated the way Photoshop did watercolors, was not realistic, but the ipad has a new app called “waterlogue” that is wonderful for doing watercolor from a photo, thanks to my friend agogo, the winter now does not seem so dreary, thanks kathy til Tomorrow MJ


Frosty Wolf

wolf portraitFriends, last winter we visited a wolf sanctuary and i captured this timber wolf in a very peaceful pose.  It is the right time to visit again when it warms a little, was -28 degrees F this morning, He was lying on the snow with his feet tucked up but the eyes are ready to run or attack as the situation dictates.  Flight or fight. til Tomorrow MJ


My Deer Hunt

farmland deerFriends, well the men of the family are out sitting on tree stands in single digit cold (F) with fingers freezing and trying to stay quiet in the frosty woods.  Deer hunting opened this morning but i got this white tail deer doe several days ago before the shooting started.  She was so pretty, hope she makes it, til Tomorrow MJ


Turtle Eye

blanding eyeFriends, this eye belongs to a Blanding’s Turtle that lives in Crex Meadows. Yesterday we went shooting with some friends from our photo club and this guy was sitting on the road, since the road is not a good place for turtles we stopped and put him in a safe place, but after we all shot some images of his smiling face.  That yellow chin is his trademark, til Tomorrow MJ

White tail

young male deerFriends, this young male whitetail deer is out in the open trying to escape the last of the deer flies, see the antlers growing on top of his head.  he is probably a second summer deer as his coat is not spotted and his antler growth is vey small for late August.   The white blur is his tail swishing around chasing the flies.  til Tomorrow MJ


copper Friends, the horses run wild in the badlands within the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  This beautiful stallion is named Copper, and he was a herd sire of the wild ones.  This year he appeared alone, no mares or foals following him around.  They say he is injured and I hope he survives cause he is a pretty boy.   til Tomorrow MJ



before the stormFriends, on our recent trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we found ourselves parked in front of a stampeding herd of Bison. A storm was moving in and they were leaving the high ground and moving into the ravines and gullies.  I added the lightning for a more dramatic effect.  Can you see the baby bison hurrying along, til Tomorrow MJ


Badger Digs

badger headFriends, you may ask yourself while traveling thru Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the North Dakota Badlands, why are all these prairie dog towns here? Well to feed the badgers and coyotes.  This little badger was digging furiously into a prairie dog hole, but the dogs were running out the back door as he was digging into the front door.  The joke is on him, see the dirt on his nose, til Tomorrow MJ

badger digg


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