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Weekly Photo Challenge:Lost in the Details

details1Friends, at first glance, i did not like this image, cause the background competed with the foreground.  yes the tiny orchid was lost in the details.  Well using a little photoshop to dull the background details helped and I thought it would fit the weekly Challenge, lost in the Details (almost). Sorry that the subject was in the middle of the image and the hot spot in the upper right hand corner is taboo, but I tried, this is an example of an image that is not up to my standards, til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Unique

American Bittern-spring male

Friends, This bird is not unique to the Crex area, but the male in breeding plumage is unique as it is the only time I have seen the American Bittern male in his full regalia.  The white epaulets and the feathery fringe under his chin are decorations that  persist for only a short period in the spring.  I think the gray mane feathers are also part of this costume.  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

smithy at workFriends, At first I didn’t like this set of images, but when i started working with Color Effex Pro 4, I found new color and details in this image.  The light was behind me and illuminated the front of the anvil. The glowing metal on top of the anvil that was being worked started to tell me the story of this image. The blacksmith was working the metal and the blur of his hammer was the story.  It was Christmas time at a historical site near our home and this Smithy was making some decorative metal for his wife’s Christmas, long ago and far away, the spirit is the same . I love the orange and blue combination.  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Resolved

sassy goshawkFriends, this Northern Goshawk is showing some attitude, much like myself this past year.  My sister has a saying for the condition, “no fuse, no filter”. This year 2013 I am going to try to change my attitude a bit and be a bit more mellow.  Hopefully this bird will help to remind me that bad attitude doesn’t always get fed, when you are a grown-up, you just get kicked out of the nest. til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:My 2012 in Pictures

Friends, a short summary of my best shots from this year, in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Surprise

frosty morningFriends, though not uncommon, a heavy frost is a nice surprise on a winter morning, when every little branch and twig is covered with heavy frost, the winter wonderland is transformed into a silent wilderness with only the roar of a blue sky to interrupt the silence.  The oak leaves never are down until the new spring leaves push them out so they remain on rust covered bushes to announce their resistance to the cold winds.  This morning we have a little frost but one of these mornings… til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Changing Seasons

ruffed grouseFriends, As the seasons change, more birds become visible   After the leaves are gone, these Ruffed Grouse blend into their brown surroundings but are more visible cause they seek out the fall berries on leafless bushes.  On my way home from Crex I saw some Ruffed Grouse foraging along the roadside.  When i pulled over and jumped out of my vehicle, they quickly hid in the brush.  I followed for awhile and this one jumped up in a bush and was busy plucking some small berries for his supper.  I got within ten feet of him and shot this image.  When he realized that i might be a threat, his feathered crest raised and that is why he is called a Ruffed Grouse.  This was a difficult image to obtain because of all the little brushy branches that insisted on getting into the picture, blocking various parts of the bird.  I worked at it for about 30 minutes, then my hands were too cold to go on.  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Reflections

summer swans8165-2Friends, another entry to this weeks theme: reflections,  i needed a warmer image this morning to stimulate my morning, coffee is not doing the trick this morning, still really groggy, blame it on the weather.  This image was taken this summer, but the background as is was too busy, so i put the swans on their own layer and blurred the background and gave it a slightly foggy feel.  These trumpeter swans are now floating in a non-distracting background with a lovely foggy reflection.  Sometimes the differences between sharpness can also be used to make the subject more prominent. til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Reflections

face of the cooperFriends, the reflections in this Cooper Hawk’s eye show off his brilliant yellow eye.  He is a juvenile and when he is one year old, this eye color will shift to an orange, then to red as he ages further.  The shadow from the supraorbital ridge above his eye makes him look very fierce.  I love the feathering patterns around that reflected highlight in his eye, a reflection of the sky. til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Thankful

Friends, I am very Thankful for the birds of Hawk Ridge and Crex Meadows, who keep me busy photographing the wildness.  So back to Hawk Ridge for another Hawk lesson, or in this case, a Falcon lesson.  The portrait of the Merlin below shows an open beak and the notches in the cutting edge of the beak that fit together when the bird is killing his prey.  These interlocking notches are the tomial tooth of the falcons.  Hawks may have the upper notch but do not have the corresponding notch on the lower edge.  The higher magnification image shows this region to dramatize the tomial tooth. til Tomorrow MJ

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