Weekly Photo Challenge:Changing Seasons

ruffed grouseFriends, As the seasons change, more birds become visible   After the leaves are gone, these Ruffed Grouse blend into their brown surroundings but are more visible cause they seek out the fall berries on leafless bushes.  On my way home from Crex I saw some Ruffed Grouse foraging along the roadside.  When i pulled over and jumped out of my vehicle, they quickly hid in the brush.  I followed for awhile and this one jumped up in a bush and was busy plucking some small berries for his supper.  I got within ten feet of him and shot this image.  When he realized that i might be a threat, his feathered crest raised and that is why he is called a Ruffed Grouse.  This was a difficult image to obtain because of all the little brushy branches that insisted on getting into the picture, blocking various parts of the bird.  I worked at it for about 30 minutes, then my hands were too cold to go on.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Your persistence with the ruffed grouse paid off. We have them here in central Virginia, but they are rare. Good shot.

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