Layered Flight

flight roughie2 bw


Friends, back to our winter weather now,  and while visiting Crex this week, I photographed this rough-legged hawk in flight.  I panned him as he flew by and combined the images (6) into one image to show the various wing positions.  These images were over-exposed to white-out the background of each then layered on top of a white background and the blending mode of each image layer was set to darken so only the dark pixels are added from each image.  Then each bird is moved to a suitable location.  The dark wing patch present on the underwing is diagnostic of the roughie and the gray sky is diagnostic of our weather.  Hope you enjoy. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Thank you very much for adding the “recipe” for how you make your photos. This is a great help to us who are still learners.

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