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Ancient Stump

petrified stump

Dear Friends, this looks like a wooden stump and 60 million years ago, it was wood, now it is stone, Petrified wooden stump in the badlands of North Dakota, on a hot and sunny day. At a certain elevation in the badlands, these stumps appear as a remnant of an ancient tropical ecosystem.  til Tomorrow MJ

Day 4 : Black and White

bwstorm badlands

Dear Friends, this black and white was taken in the badlands of North Dakota.  This storm chased us back in the vehicles but never did rain on us.  I am not a lover of black and white photography probably because my career was spent at an electron microscope and in a traditional black and white darkroom.  All work was done in black and white, but  i accepted the challenge so this is the work for this week.  til Tomorrow MJ


bw sunset

Dear Friends, Day 3 of 5 day Black and White Challenge.  This sunset in the rain was taken in the North Dakota Badlands, on top of Buck hill in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Juniper and cedar trees are prevalent in these landscapes, but one can usually see the sky, hence many sunrises and sunsets.  Black and white???  til Tomorrow MJ

Wet Day in the Badlands

summer of 2014

Friends, a wet summer in the North Dakota badlands leaves saturated colors and a dark sky.  A little different than we usually see in August out there.  til Tomorrow MJ

Bison Couple

bison pair

Friends, these bison are a male and female during the August breeding season.  He is roaring his disapproval of another bull who is daring to venture near his girl.  She could care less, and looks totally bored with all the hoopla, a typical male has been rolling in the mud and her hair is nice and tidy, til Tomorrow MJ


A Web

Friends, this tiny spider is trying to spin a web in a thistle plant, a prickly job at best.  Maybe he will catch a honeybee, til tomorrow MJ

orb weaver

Cedar in a Cedar

cedar waxwing

Friends, this cedar waxwing was posing from a dead cedar tree in the badlands of North Dakota.  This spring, we found a dead tree with 25 cedar waxwings perched from top to bottom. I had never seen these birds in the badlands, but my mother who lived there in her younger years said that they were often present and were not a rare sighting.  til Tomorrow MJ

A Blue Bird in the Badlands

young lazuli

Friends, not sure of the id of this bird, but loved the blue feathers on his back and tail, since it rained much of the time that we were in the badlands this summer, i took a lot of birdie pictures.  Some are immature birds and some are females and all are birds that i don’t normally see in Wisconsin.  til Tomorrow MJ

Badlands Bluebird

wet bluebird

Friends, this wet bluebird is in some stage of molting, not sure if he is juvenile or adult bird but something is going on with his chest feathers.  I love the pink and blue together and his hunched up posture. The rain had stopped momentarily and he was hanging out on a branch to dry.  til Tomorrow MJ

Badlands Spotted Towhee

sptted towhee rain

Friends, this spotted towhee was caught out in the rain hence his ruffled feathers.  In the North Dakota Badlands, rain is not expected in the month of August, but it rained the whole week we were there.  The rain was great for the plants and animals but not so good for photographers who wished to do some hiking.  I am not afraid of a few drops on my head, but the slick gumbo under my feet is heavy to haul around, kind of like mud snowshoes.  And did I mention that it is slippery, my camera has chunks of muck on it from the last spill I took trying to chase down a pincushion cactus.  So this was taken from the safety of a pickup blind, and i learned that these birds like to perch on dead sagebrush rather than high in a tree.  til Tomorrow MJ

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