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Red-Headed Duck

red head 4 fall

Friends, fall is here in all her splendor and ducks are arriving daily.  This lone male red-headed duck was found north of us on Lake Superior.  Hope his friends are somewhere around cause he was hanging out with some mallard females. I think this image is an example of how light can change a good image into a better than average image, or dare i say great image.  The reflections of the fall foliage in the water helps to set off the duck colors, but what do you think? til Tomorrow MJ


Summer Wood Duck

summer wood duck 2 summer wood duck

Friends, this is two views of the same male wood duck molting into eclipse plumage.  I included two images to show why i am a big proponent of continuous shooting mode.  The top image shows the bird at a rest position, and the second while he is paddling and peeking.  Sometimes when ducks are paddling, their backs look extended and elongated, while the top image shows a quiet duck.  Which one do you like best?? til Tomorrow MJ

THE Garganey- A Rare Duck


Friends, Crex Meadows was full of birders this weekend and this duck was the object of their affection.  This is a garganey that has never been reported in Wisconsin or Minnesota.  He sure is handsome but moves constantly, today was our first sunny day since he arrived about a week ago.  I guess he wants to stay awhile enjoy while you can til Tomorrow MJ

Bluebills and Redheads

bluebill male

Friends, while watching a huge flock of bluebills (greater scaup) another small flock of redheads landed in the middle of the bunch then they all continued on their merry way.  They (redheads) acted like they were scared to death and hiding among the bluebills.  My new header shows the combined flock, although just a small sampling of all the birds together. til Tomorrow MJ

Spring is for the Ducks

shoveler male

Friends, this duck is called the shoveler because his bill is shaped in a shovel, very broad and black.  He is a dabbler and his head is wet from trying to eat water plants, i was going to clone out the weed hanging from his bill, but it is part of him, he is what he eats.  hope you like til Tomorrow

Spring Ducks

buffle pair3wp

Friends, these friendly ducks are a very tiny pair of buffleheads, lots of white on the male makes him difficult to photograph while keeping the dark details intact.  They were very close to shore thanks to a fish kill and melting icepack so i made the most of a great opportunity. hope you like til Tomorrow MJ

Why We Shoot

male ring neck-final ring bill1Friends, these two images illustrate why we photographers keep shooting the same subject over and over.  Perfection is not goal.  Both of these are ring necked ducks, but the mood and the light are very different. The experienced nature photographer keeps chasing the light.   So in 2014, I hope the light is good to you all.  til Tomorrow MJ


Making Waves

ducks on superiorFriends, these mallard chicks are making their own waves following their mother on the green hues of Lake Superior. They are still covered with down and have no flight feathers yet, hope they grow in soon so they can fly south with their mother.  Until then they will be making waves. til Tomorrow MJ


Coming Soon Migration

0801mjsFriends, soon this will be a common sight in Crex, the Sandhill Cranes flying in to join the larger flocks. They will dance and celebrate the end of summer, the arrival of the fall foliage and the migration of other birds, ducks, hawks, swans and passerines.  They will all fly away to the south and leave me here,calling in the darkness of winter, longing for their return.  But for now, time to get busy. til Tomorrow MJ


A Secret Moment

woodduck pairFriends, this pair of wood ducks are enjoying a peaceful evening on the small pond near our house, the female is almost hidden in the grasses of the lower left corner of the image, while the male is standing guard.  These ducks arrive in the early spring and nest in the wetlands of Crex.  They are extremely secretive and shy, flying at the slightest disturbance. til Tomorrow MJ


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