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Making Waves

ducks on superiorFriends, these mallard chicks are making their own waves following their mother on the green hues of Lake Superior. They are still covered with down and have no flight feathers yet, hope they grow in soon so they can fly south with their mother.  Until then they will be making waves. til Tomorrow MJ


Motorboat Mallards

mallardsFriends, this image did not need much in the way of photoshop and i loved the wake behind and ahead of the birds.  They are swimming very fast after a fellow mallard who got some bread from people feeding the ducks.  Reminds me of the saying, “be like a duck, calm on the outside and paddling like mad under the water”  My father always thought that was a wise saying and as i was a wall flower when i was growing up, I took faith that the paddling would get me where I needed to go.  so I am still paddling.  til Tomorrow MJ

Among the Lily Pads

Friends, this baby mallard is hiding among the lily pads, when i first approached he was sitting in the middle of the lily patch, but when he saw me he headed for water.  The bottom image shows his struggle as he fought his way through the pads to reach the water.  Safe on the water, til Tomorrow MJ

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