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Motorboat Mallards

mallardsFriends, this image did not need much in the way of photoshop and i loved the wake behind and ahead of the birds.  They are swimming very fast after a fellow mallard who got some bread from people feeding the ducks.  Reminds me of the saying, “be like a duck, calm on the outside and paddling like mad under the water”  My father always thought that was a wise saying and as i was a wall flower when i was growing up, I took faith that the paddling would get me where I needed to go.  so I am still paddling.  til Tomorrow MJ

Weekly Photo Challenge:Create

Friends, I certainly did not create this beautiful Mallard duck but I did create the image from the hundreds of images that I shot sitting above this waterhole.  This is one of my all time favorite images of my short nature photographer career.  The morning that i took this image, was one of the first nice spring mornings and i was on my way to my previous career. I just had to stop and I was late for work.  One has priorities in life, when I was sitting at my desk dreaming of birds flying, I knew it was time to retire from this work and move onto another life.  Maybe I was sent this image to convince me that another life awaits after my real job came to an end.  til Tomorrow MJ

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