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Prairie Dog Love

Friends, this morning is about prairie dogs, especially why there are so many in the North Dakota Badlands, Love ! Prairie Dog Love starts with a simple hug and a kiss.prairie dog kiss

Leads to large litters of 4-6 little onessix little ones

Then lots of work, feeding and taking care of little ones leaves the adults all tuckered out in the late afternoon.

prairie dog home
mimicingtunckered out

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Redface the Magnificent

Friends, this beautiful roan stallion is called Redface, he is a herd stallion with about 6-8 mares running wild in the North Dakota badlands.  He was peacefully eating his grass and raised his head briefly to see what i was doing but very relaxed with a piece of grass still peeking out from the corner of his mouth.  i am experimenting with a frame and signature for my work as someone suggested that a signature will protect the image from “pirating”.  I just want to share, not too concerned about deviousness, but a signature on a piece of art also shows that the photographer was proud of the work enough to attach a name to it.  In the old days (before my time), women did not sign their art, and many of the watercolors of Medora De Mores are not signed.  Medora and her husband the Marquis DeMores, were early historical figures who were instrumental in establishing the town of Medora. Medora is the gateway to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I will address this history in a later post. til Tomorrow MJ

Flehmen technique-wild horses

Friends, these two handsome guys are both rolling their upper lip in response to a smell. This is called the flehmen technique, and stallions quite often exhibit this behavior when a mare is in heat.  These two stallions are unique in that they run their mares together in one group.  The top one is Singlefoot and the bottom image  is Redface. There is sometimes some squealing when they meet head to head, but the dispute never seems to come to blows.  til Tomorrow MJ


Friends, this baby is getting some nutrition from his momma, i love these kind of shots especially since these are wild horses found in the badlands of North Dakota (Theodore Roosevelt National Park).  These horses and their ancestors have always roamed the hills during my lifetime. I don’t like the term “feral” and  i prefer the term “wild” as these horses have run free in the badlands for several generations.  Below is an image of the herd stallion, Singlefoot. til Tomorrow MJ

Two New Foals

Friends, now that i am home from the hills and perusing my new images, i had almost forgotten this image of two foals that were posing together on top of a hill. the little buckskin in the foreground appears to be a stud colt and younger than the sorrel in the back.  They are with a band of horses led by the Stallion, Copper.  Below is an image of Copper in all his glory. til Tomorrow MJ

Great Gray Stallion

Friends, another gray stallion from the badlands as he surveys me from a hill top.  He came  from 100 yards away to give me a closer view of his beautiful form.  This is a different gray from the one shown yesterday, as he has a pink nose.     He is still a spirit horse to me and represents what i cannot put into words:  freedom, wildness and that ache within that strives to be outside with my face in the wind.  My connection to past generations who struggled to raise children in a sometimes hostile land.  Who rose every morning to endless chores and strong sunshine to warm their souls and bodies.  They are my heritage and the National Park was their legacy to me and all future generations of those who love the arid hills and the ever-changing river that still carves the North Dakota badlands. So with this post we leave the badlands (temporarily) and return to spring in Northwestern Wisconsin. I promise to return to the badlands soon as i am visiting there in late May.  til Tomorrow MJ

Old stallion

Friends, this old boy has turned white in the summer sun, wind and rain. I think he is called, silver.

Wild and Free

Friends, this beautiful youngster was loping through the prairie dog town and easily jumped a hole.  It is deep summer and he has shed his foaling coat to become a sleek wild horse in miniature.  He /she is the future.  If you wish to read more  these wild horses and efforts to domesticate and eventually rid the badlands of these beautiful animals see this blog These fine folk are dedicated to keeping tabs on the wild horses by riding the badlands, keeping a wild horse registry  as well as buying and training horses “culled” from the park. til Tomorrow MJ

Wild Stallion-Blaze

Friends, this wild eyed guy is called Blaze. He is a red roan and has one blue eye. He is a very dominant stallion and puts on a show every spring defending his “girls” and generally raising a fuss. I raised horses for a time in my life and i would have trimmed his mane, but it lends to his wild look. I am looking forward to again seeing the wild horses in the spring, when stallions are fighting and babies are finding their wobbly legs. I am going very soon now and you will get live images instead of from my archive. til Tomorrow MJ

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