Flehmen technique-wild horses

Friends, these two handsome guys are both rolling their upper lip in response to a smell. This is called the flehmen technique, and stallions quite often exhibit this behavior when a mare is in heat.  These two stallions are unique in that they run their mares together in one group.  The top one is Singlefoot and the bottom image  is Redface. There is sometimes some squealing when they meet head to head, but the dispute never seems to come to blows.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. marvelous! how do the horses get their names?

    • a group that keeps track of the lineages names them to keep track of who is who. An old cowboy, Tom Techer, started keeping track in the 50s and now it has been passed on to Marilu and Henry Weber. Every summer they travel the backcountry on horseback observing and keeping records on all the horses that they can find. They have also started a breed registry for horses who originate in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, this is the North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry. The websites associated with these are: http://wildhorsesoftrnp.blogspot.com/2011/03/north-dakota-badlands-horse.html
      near the bottom of the post, several pictures show the various bands and stallion leaders

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