Redface the Magnificent

Friends, this beautiful roan stallion is called Redface, he is a herd stallion with about 6-8 mares running wild in the North Dakota badlands.  He was peacefully eating his grass and raised his head briefly to see what i was doing but very relaxed with a piece of grass still peeking out from the corner of his mouth.  i am experimenting with a frame and signature for my work as someone suggested that a signature will protect the image from “pirating”.  I just want to share, not too concerned about deviousness, but a signature on a piece of art also shows that the photographer was proud of the work enough to attach a name to it.  In the old days (before my time), women did not sign their art, and many of the watercolors of Medora De Mores are not signed.  Medora and her husband the Marquis DeMores, were early historical figures who were instrumental in establishing the town of Medora. Medora is the gateway to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I will address this history in a later post. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Super portrait.

  2. MJ…..sign your name at the end of the day!!!shalom en theos….jim

  3. A beautiful and noble face.

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