Clouds of Summer

Friends, I think images of the sky are somewhat universal, this sky could probably be seen anywhere in the world. We saw numerous thunderhead-filled skies when we traveled in New Mexico last fall.  Unstable air like unstable people can be found where ever the hot air meets the cold.  We see our share of these clouds in summer and i like to collect them, the more textures, the better for me, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Another 1000 feet of height and the thunder cloud would have become a anvil head. The upper atmosphere wind actually shave off the top.

    Old geographers never die – they just become photographers.

    Great shot – Great text.

  2. i love the idea of collecting clouds … you might get me started too 🙂 this one is very impressive!

  3. Nice picture. Sky clouds are as you say universal.
    I’m just back from the Argentinean Patagonia and planning next destination, maybe Kashmir and hope to find some nice skies 🙂
    Great job!!

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