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On the Prairie

Friends, out on the prairie, the beautiful clouds and blue skies are really a part of the landscape.  These photos were taken just hours of each other, the first early in the afternoon and the second when the thunderheads started to build before a prairie storm.  I call the second, the road to rain.  til Tomorrow MJblue sky2 prairie storm

HDR Landscape

hdr barnFriends, this is a typical Wisconsin Landscape in the fall of the year.  I have passed this barn many times, but on a day when the sky was full of lovely clouds, it seemed to scream “do an hdr with this”. So in order to incorporate all the high lights in the sky as well as the dark details, i did an hdr on this image.  I had a little fun with the clouds, they appear kind of three dimensional.  til Tomorrow MJ


lake iceFriends, this view is typical in our country this time of year.  A mixture of ice and open water, and some bare sticks for trees with the ever present pines.  The sky seems to stay the same but fewer days with a blue sky showing, and way too many clouds.  But Christmas is coming and all the little children are counting the hours, til Tomorrow MJ


Clouds of Summer

Friends, I think images of the sky are somewhat universal, this sky could probably be seen anywhere in the world. We saw numerous thunderhead-filled skies when we traveled in New Mexico last fall.  Unstable air like unstable people can be found where ever the hot air meets the cold.  We see our share of these clouds in summer and i like to collect them, the more textures, the better for me, til Tomorrow MJ

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