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Feeding the Young

Friends, this mama/papa pied billed grebe is busy feeding five chicks. in these images she has caught a crayfish, crushed the head region and presents it to her largest chick.  The smaller chick looks on in amazement while big brother maneuvers the beast to get it head first in the swallowing act.  The adult birds feed the babies feathers to line their gut so these hard to digest prey don’t puncture the little ones intestines.  Smart huh?  til Tomorrow MJ

A Summer Song

pied billed baby beggingFriends, this winter weather is getting me down, but here is a summer image to pick me up and wash away the blues, This adult Pied Billed Grebe is very small and baby begging is even smaller.  They are brave and come within mere feet of my vehicle.  The babies sit in the lily pads and wait for the adult to come near.  When they are done feeding, the adult slips under the water to hunt for more food.  Summer seems so far away til Tomorrow MJ


His Environment

begging grebe young grebeFriends, this baby pied billed grebe is begging food from his mom, and in the bottom image he is grown and no longer using the lily pads for cover.  Now he is swimming on the big water and getting his own food.  I love these little birds as they are always around on Phantom Lake, constantly fishing for food.  I am experimenting (again) with a crop that includes his water trail and his eye.  Do you like this kind of crop? til Tomorrow MJ


Begging for Food

begging grebeFriends, this pied billed grebe is very small and photographers often miss her and her chicks when they are hidden among the lily pads. This particular bird had six chicks that were fast approaching her size, and even thou they were diving for their own food, she was still feeding an occasional morsel and so the younger bird is begging for food.  I like the two heads telling the story. Would you edit out the spent lily bloom in front of the adult bird? til Tomorrow MJ

Baby Grebe

Friends, among the lily pads three small chicks swim quietly, you can barely see them, but they are baby chicks of the pied billed grebe.  Pretty striping on their heads will disappear as they get older and turn into a solid colored adult.  Below is an image of mama grebe feeding her babies, love the spring and summer season. til Tomorrow MJ

Not a duck- grebe

Friends, this small bird is not a duck, but a  pied-billed grebe. I love this image not for the bird, but the lovely patterns on the water.  Reflections of a partly cloudy sky or partly sunny, how do they differentiate between partly cloudy and partly sunny, guess it depends on whether the weather person is a pessimist or optimist 🙂 I myself prefer partly sunny , til Tomorrow MJ

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