Begging for Food

begging grebeFriends, this pied billed grebe is very small and photographers often miss her and her chicks when they are hidden among the lily pads. This particular bird had six chicks that were fast approaching her size, and even thou they were diving for their own food, she was still feeding an occasional morsel and so the younger bird is begging for food.  I like the two heads telling the story. Would you edit out the spent lily bloom in front of the adult bird? til Tomorrow MJ

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Posted on July 17, 2013, in Birds, Crex Meadows, Nature, photography and tagged , , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. So very sweet and adorable!

  2. I’d leave the lily in. Wonderful picture as is!

  3. keep the lily…the 3 spots of red really make the perfect focal area

  4. i think this may be my all time fav…xo

  5. Food from Mom always tastes best no matter what the species!

  6. Before I read your post I spotted the lily and thought it was a nice touch. I’d leave it in. Just me. Great shot by the way.

  7. Beautify image, MJ.

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