His Environment

begging grebe young grebeFriends, this baby pied billed grebe is begging food from his mom, and in the bottom image he is grown and no longer using the lily pads for cover.  Now he is swimming on the big water and getting his own food.  I love these little birds as they are always around on Phantom Lake, constantly fishing for food.  I am experimenting (again) with a crop that includes his water trail and his eye.  Do you like this kind of crop? til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. M J, could I use that photo on my blog, giving you the credit, of course?

  2. The top shot reminds me of the greater spotted woodpeckers we have in our garden from time to time. That top picture is a beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like it, and love the learning I get from you and the people that offer comments. I like Claude’s comment about a bit more of crop from the bottom. I look at it like that and it shows me how small changes can make a big difference. The 1st photo I want a print of!! Just beautiful!!

  4. I like the crop too .. and the first image is fantastic 🙂

  5. You asked – I like the crop. I think it would be even a stronger photograph with more cropped of from the bottom making a strong horizontal.

    I like the story as well.

  6. He’s lost his beautiful coloring too! Wonderful pictures.

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