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Day Three Nature Challenge

01,WC185,DN,Feeding the Youngster

Dear Friends, almost forgot to post my nature challenge image for the third day.  This adult is still feeding the chick when he is six weeks old, loves his minnows, til Tomorrow MJ

Spring Loon

detailled nestFriends, this is an environmental shot of a loon nesting far out in the marsh in Crex.  The loons have all flown south and now the marsh is full of sandhill cranes.  Soon they will also disappear and we will be left with the snow, ice and winter birds.  Bald eagles, snow buntings, rough-legged hawks, blue jays, nuthatches, goldfinches, juncos, woodpeckers, flickers and ever-present chickadees will remain behind to keep us company. til Tomorrow MJ

Rising to Meet the Morning

loon stretchFriends, I know that this loon pose is very commonly seen here in the northland, but I never fail to be amazed by them. I grew up in dry country so seeing a very large bird rise from the water and stretch his wings is a novelty to me.  This particular loon and her mate lost their eggs this year due to fluctuating water levels, so they are busy fishing, napping, grooming and yes stretching, this summer season, instead of fishing frantically to feed their young.  In this particular place in Crex Meadows, a pair of loons (maybe the same pair) raised a pair of young, so they have done their diligence. til Tomorrow MJ

Lunch time

loon mama feedingFriends, I imagine that this adult loon is admonishing her chick to “not play with your food”, but the look on his face is priceless.  Technically this image has way too many highlights, but I liked the joy and celebratory feel to lunch time, In the early morning I was shooting into the light, enjoy, til Tomorrow MJ

The First Loon

first loonFriends, The loons returned to Crex in the last week in April and just as the last of the ice was melting.  The last of the ice is visible in the upper part of this image.  The male and female were cruising the icy edge searching for tidbits and tasty morsels embedded in nature’s deep freeze.  Soon they will start calling and doing their mating flights.  Spring has finally arrived.  til Tomorrow MJ


Wet Loons

wet loonFriends, the loons have returned and the bigger lakes are opening, yahooo!!, this image was taken last year with the wet loon on rough water, the red eye is prominent and his green stripe in front is visible, sometimes they ride so low in the water that the green does not show, below is an image of a loon in smooth water, just a portrait of the head, this pair of loons do not seem to mind me and my camera sitting near their fishing hole. til Tomorrow MJ

wet loon smooth


One of my Calendar Winners

young loon summerFriends, this first day after all the festivities I am showing you my winner for this year, this image of a 12 week old Common Loon Chick was taken this summer, this image won the calendar contest in my photo club and adorns the cover of the Calendar for 2013, I am proud of it and waited by the waterside for hours photographing the growth of the two chicks raised by the Adult Loons on Main Dike in Crex Meadows.  Dead space at the top was perfect to put our title on the calendar. Hope you enjoy, til Tomorrow MJ

Another short commercial

3862558-77dd18ac9c2e1c9cf4af1fc382a06524Friends, I finally figured out how to offer you a pdf version of my recent book, you can purchase a pdf version to be read with Adobe Reader for $7.00 and download to almost any pc or mac that has Adobe Reader. follow the loons, eagles and other birds and flowers in Crex Meadows in the summer months.  The order is Instant pdf and is at the top of the order column.   the link is , so til Tomorrow MJ


Monday morning sale

3862558-77dd18ac9c2e1c9cf4af1fc382a06524Friends, this morning please tolerate a short commercial message, and just in time for christmas delivery.  This blurb book of my summer in Crex Meadows is available in softcover, hardcover and ipad editions for your enjoyment.  Maybe you know someone who cannot get outdoors and photograph the loons, eagles and some wildflowers, then this is the perfect gift to give them.  The most economical is the ipad edition, for only $4.00 you can enjoy these blogs and images on your ipad at anytime, so i rest my case.  The link to this book is:  Thanks for listening, til Tomorrow

Summer revisited

Friends, this adult common loon is feeding her eight week old chick, up close and personal.  This image was taken in late summer and reminds me of the warm days of summer that are now gone for this year.  These birds are sitting very low in the water showing how they can raise and lower their bodies by inflating and deflating an airsac inside their body. The wings squeeze the air from the air sacs allowing the bird to dive or sink into the water.  They hunt their food under water and their body is streamlined for underwater life.  Feeding the young is a high priority for both adults and they often can raise two chicks each year on main dike in Crex Meadows.  til Tomorrow MJ

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