Summer revisited

Friends, this adult common loon is feeding her eight week old chick, up close and personal.  This image was taken in late summer and reminds me of the warm days of summer that are now gone for this year.  These birds are sitting very low in the water showing how they can raise and lower their bodies by inflating and deflating an airsac inside their body. The wings squeeze the air from the air sacs allowing the bird to dive or sink into the water.  They hunt their food under water and their body is streamlined for underwater life.  Feeding the young is a high priority for both adults and they often can raise two chicks each year on main dike in Crex Meadows.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. We will be getting some of your ducks in a few weeks.. We already beginning to see a few new visitors. jack

  2. that is very precious..

  3. Must have been so interesting to watch. What a treat!

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