Two Cranes in Flight

Friends, these Greater Sandhill Cranes are in flight above the Crex Meadows.  The front bird is an immature followed by an adult bird, see the difference in the head coloring.  Some Rusty oaks still hold their leaves, but this morning we have a trace of snow, so winter is coming.  A sad time for me cause the big birds will have left and we only have the smaller birds left around here.  Lots of chickadees, juncos and nuthatches in the bird feeders.  The smaller birds are a challenge photographically speaking, but i do love the bigger birds.  Maybe we will have some eagles or rough legged hawks to keep us company this winter.  I can always go to Sax-Zim bog and look for Snowy Owls, Hawk Owls and Boreal Owls, but that is a two and one half hour drive one way.  til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. A beautiful image, MJ. 🙂

  2. they are so beautiful! I have only seen them once in Jackson Hole, Wyoming but that was a very long time ago. I look forward to photos of nuthatches, maybe they are the tiny little birds that have been visiting my suet feeder.

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