Weekly Photo Challenge:Renewal

Friends, The bald eagle and other birds get a renewal of feathers every year and some molt twice a year.  When I see a wild bird up close and personal, I am renewed by an interaction with the wildness within me.  Driving on a two track road back to middle north fork, I was following a mystery bird.  When I reached a clearing near the lake, i saw this immature bald eagle perched in a tree.  He is almost mature, probably about 3 or 4 years old, as his head and tail are almost white, but still containing some brown.  I took this image as he flew from the perch, he circled the lake and landed again in the same tree snag.  Must be a good fishing spot, below is the second photo as he departed.  I was renewed and continued on my human way.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I absolutly love eagles. I would like to live somewhere where I could see them in action. I’ve looked through your pages, as much as I had time for. I like your photographs.

  2. Such gorgeous captures of an awe inspiring bird! Margie

  3. Such a powerful bird and you captured him beautifully.

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