Rising to Meet the Morning

loon stretchFriends, I know that this loon pose is very commonly seen here in the northland, but I never fail to be amazed by them. I grew up in dry country so seeing a very large bird rise from the water and stretch his wings is a novelty to me.  This particular loon and her mate lost their eggs this year due to fluctuating water levels, so they are busy fishing, napping, grooming and yes stretching, this summer season, instead of fishing frantically to feed their young.  In this particular place in Crex Meadows, a pair of loons (maybe the same pair) raised a pair of young, so they have done their diligence. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I have yet to ever see or hear a loon on the water! Someday I will!! Margie

  2. Yes,many pix of this view, but yours stands out above the rest.

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